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Don't let the stress of relocating get to you. Receive guidance about how to be in peace and alignment with these changes and shifts in your location.


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Thank you Bonnie for the reading! You really pinpointed what is currently going on in my life and helped me see what I need to do from this point forward. I stumbled across your video at the right time today because the subject on intuition was something I needed to hear. You did an amazing job and I really enjoyed your input. Bonnie is wonderful!!!!

Pamela Komaniecki

Omg I just received an amazing reading from her. And she is very spot on with what she sees. I am overwhelmed with joy hearing about it. She also provided me with some tools to help me through my spiritual growth. I definitely recommend her. You are one of a kind!! Thank you so much!!!

Farrah Au

After my reading in the live feed I immediately set up for a private reading and let me say she did not disappoint. The things she told me were so on point to what I am going through at the moment. I feel she gave me the guide to the tools I already possess to get through anything and she also connected to my daughter for me. I’m sure something she wasn’t expecting to do… Read more “Krista Prince”

Krista Prince

Bonnie thank you so very much for my reading and all of the things that you helped me with like the energy readings, the right way to word questions and also tapping into my intuition the way you did. Also you helped heal me. I’m so grateful and our connection was so strong from the start. I love you

Nikki Johnson

My reading was amazing.. Everything was very on point and true to my situation! Bonnie LeBaron left me feeling awestruck and courageous! I felt the energy and positivity.. Thank you so much for the guidance❤ I love that she gave good useful tips and pointers at the end too..

Mehnaaz Fairykinz Ibrahim

I was elated to have a reading with you today! You absolutely helped me with providing the tools I needed to have faith and confidence in myself that things will get better and I will continue to grow in prosperity & love. 🥀🌹🌱 I really needed that 🙏 I was blessed by your reading and I humbly appreciate it so much ❤️❤️❤️ I could feel the presence of so many divine help such as my… Read more “Robbi Love Dominick Gaballo”

Robbi Love Dominick Gaballo

I signed up on her website and she called me. Everything she said in that reading was right. She told me to do this saying to attract wealth and its been coming to me . I asked about my relationship and where it was going and she was correct. I will be speaking with her again and again much love from fort wayne Indiana

LaKisha Golden

Worth it for the positive energy!
You really helped me come to realization with certain things going on in my life. And relayed messages that I was overdue to hear ! Everything was literally on point. Thank you also for helping me find ways to cope and ground better so that I stop unhealthy habits (The social media fbi habit LOL) and allow myself to take a break and heal and focus on my… Read more “Sabrina Mondshour”

Sabrina Mondshour

Thank you so much Bonnie for your reading yesterday, wow you are a breath of fresh air. Everything you said hits home for me, yes I do have some gifts, not sure which one are strongest as this is a new journey for me, but I’m ready to lap up any suggestion from anyone willing to help me, but like everyone on this journey I want it yesterday lol , you are an amazing person… Read more “Glenda Phillips”

Glenda Phillips

Thank you Bonnie for the Energy reading you did for me on your live you were spot on to what I’m going through too much on my head and my heart 24/7 sometimes I can’t even sleep because of everything that’s going on in my head 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you for the guidance I will go for that walk you are amazing and truly gifted

Martha Perez Lopez

I wanted to come and make sure that I thank you for your knowledge giving to me, to help me along the way in opening and understanding who I am. Not to many people would take the time to share information and guidance like this! You are a blessing

Elizabeth Ross


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