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About Bonnie LeBaron

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Live Readings

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Bonnie does her readings from a heartspace that i rarely see and also she doesn’t just give you a generic reading but one that hits you where you most need it (i don’t know how to describe it). She does it in a gentle loving way and yet involves whoever is needed to come through for your higher good. You’ll get a message from your spirits, guides, higherself, loved ones, ancestors, animal spirits.. whoever comes through and i LOVE THAT!!! What I also love about her readings is the fact that she has you take deep breathes and we all know we could ALL use that each day. You can just feel the love with her its inviting and soothing. Just wanted to share this with you all….Mahalo Bonnie for helping me to open up my own abilities and intuition. I tell you this is some powerful stuff!!!

Robbi Love Dominick Gaballo

The tools that Bonnie gives us to practice with are truly tangible, and it is eye-opening to see how effective they can be first-hand. I have struggled with social anxiety for most of life, and felt a shift the very first time I tried using her techniques. I see hope for a bright future for connection and love.

Travis Heggen

Bonnie makes what is often looked at as awkward connection a fun and engaging experience. I recommend her to other people who are interested in learning the art of connection and authenticity because she is knowledgeable and truly cares.

Lacey Nabers